Our Organization

The Canadian Adult Congenital Heart (CACH) Network was founded in October 1991.
The CACH Network was created to pool the knowledge and experience of congenital heart disease professionals in Canada to help strengthen their skills and knowledge of the discipline, and to create a community of individuals committed to caring for adults with congenital heart disease-and their families.

CACH Network received Affiliate Status with the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS) in September 2010. This CCS Affiliate Status integrates CACH Network in the CCS community, provides the opportunity for close collaboration on programs and services to the cardiovascular community and strengthens government relations and public relations (e.g. advocacy, public education activities).

The Canadian Adult Congenital Heart Network has achieved or is working towards several targeted objectives related to the following key goals:

  • To develop the expertise and resources required in Canada to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding group of adults with congenital heart disease
  • To provide a consulting network to improve the management of these patients and research into their conditions
  • To promote regional and national cooperation in the development and use of patient care guidelines and standards; a database; and a national plan for regionalization of care
  • To facilitate the transfer of the care of these patients to regional facilities throughout Canada when required
  • To obtain the resources needed for the optimal development of our services and programs and to use them carefully to greatest advantage
  • To promote awareness of adult congenital heart disease among health care providers, the public and governments
  • To set up the organization and computer network to support all functions of CACH Network