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University of Toronto
Toronto General Hospital
University Health Network
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Toronto, ON, M5G 2N2
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The Toronto Congenital Cardiac Centre for Adults (TCCCA) has seen more than 14,000 patients since 1982. Whether they come for diagnosis, medical treatment, or a surgical operation, the patients and their families can be assured of excellent care by professionals dedicated to the well-being of adults with congenital heart problems.

The aim of the TCCCA is to promote, maintain and pursue excellence in the care of adults with congenital heart disease, to improve treatment through research, and to train committed individual specialists who will contribute to their care. Patients usually have congenital heart disease but some have cardiovascular conditions that can be inherited, such as aortopathies (e.g. Marfan syndrome) and muscular dystrophy. The Toronto Centre works with other specialist teams at Toronto General Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital to provide access when needed for heart, lung, or heart-lung transplant operations. We also offer specialized care during pregnancy and childbirth for women with cardiac conditions.

Ottawa Heart Institute University of Ottawa
Room H-4422 , 40 Ruskin St.
Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 4W7
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1200 Main St W, Level 4, Yellow Section
Hamilton, ON L8N 3Z5
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The Adult Congenital Cardiac Clinic at McMaster provides ongoing care and follow up of a unique population of patients born with congenital heart disease. We are currently located at the McMaster Site of HHSC. We are are closely associated with the Toronto Congenital Cardiac Clinic for Adults at Toronto General Hospital. Patients from the Hamilton catchment area who have been followed for many years at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children are now being referred to our clinic in increasing numbers for adult care in their own community. The clinic is staffed by cardiologists with special training and expertise in the management of adults with congenital heart disease, as well as a full time nurse practitioner.

Adult Congenital Heart Clinic at Queen’s University
Kingston General Hospital
Hotel Dieu Hospital Site
Brock 1 166 Brock Street
Kingston, ON
Phone: 613-548-2342 or toll-free 1-855-851-3490


The ACHD clinic at Queen’s University Kingston was started by Dr John Fay in 1990. He had identified a need to provide for the increasing numbers of adult survivors of congenital heart disease. There is a strong clinical relationship with Toronto and Ottawa, where many of our patients are referred for surgical or catheter intervention. The cardiac surgeons at Queen’s do continue with procedures such as ASD closure and repair of PAPVC.

Health Sciences North
Northern Ontario School of Medicine
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London Health Sciences Centre
University of Western Ontario
University Hospital
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